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Hello! Thank you for taking a moment to stop by.  I’m a fun, smart, loving and hardworking professional who enjoys my family, friends and the journey of finding daily balance.   Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio (Who-Dey!), and relocated to Washington state after a year of international business study at Xavier University. I moved across the country to pursue degrees in health and wellness because I found myself spending hours an hours outside of class training in a mixed martial arts (MMA) gym. Everything I could think of was related to how I could feel better and be stronger while training in Muay Thai, Filipino Kali, Jeet Kun Do, grappling and kickboxing.


At the same time I was a strict vegan. Like the kind that thought they were almighty for being a purist… you know, the kind that would roll their eyes at you for eating meat…frankly, pretty narrow minded. Little did I know, I just didn’t understand enough about how to fuel myself to do it right if to remain vegan, not be exhausted and easily bruised. Well, going all in is my style, so reading a diet book or crunchy granola cooking manual or attending weekend retreat (much less popular back then) was not going to cut it. Knowing that MMA was part of my core, I decided to switch gears and focus on a professional career through Bastyr University, an integrative medicine school.


Mary has been the best sponsor I could’ve ever imagined. She is not only my sponsor, but my mentor and my coach. Since the day I joined the company, she has inspired me to be a better person and a better partner! She is always finding new ways to help me and our team become successful with a simple system. She is always available and makes sure she is there during the highs and the lows to help me. Mary is not only a good mentor, but she is an amazing friend. Mary is trustworthy, nurturing, helpful, and inspiring.


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Before crossing the country, my coach “Sifu Rick” at the gym in Cincinnati, thoughtfully said,  “Mary, if you really want to build confidence and continue on this path, jiu jitsu should be your next step.  Fighting from the ground will complete this self defense picture.”  Its like he knew more about me than me.  That’s a true mentor.   Thereafter, he referred me to a notable Brazilian jiu jitsu gym in Seattle. So, while finishing my bachelors degree in nutrition and exercise science,  and soaking up this amazing outdoor region of our country with several mountain climbing trips and camping adventures, I also became serious about competitive grappling.   There were times I would arrive to class with bruises and bumps, including the chin and neck area (from choke holds). Those definitely garnered a few double takes … until they got to know how I spent my time outside of school.

After 4 years of training and competing as one of a handful of women in the sport, I was approached with a unique opportunity to coach middle school students in grappling (kinda looks like wrestling), which was my specialty. The head of the program, Emil Verbovski, a long time PE teacher and strength and conditioning coach asked for the best female grappler in the region who could teach. Pulling on my heart strings due to tough times in my own youth, I couldn’t say no. I ended up driving an hour each way just to teach one self defense class to young teenagers every day. Yes I just said that, like a blessing in disguise type of cliche.


After observing my dedication to this role, Emil offered to add value to my commute. However, the offer didn’t come across in the most eloquent way. It went something like this “Mary, I hear you’re training for a rematch. You’re very likely to lose. You don’t have the upper body strength to win the championship. I train a couple guys in the evening for their MMA fights. After you’re done teaching, I can help you get stronger so you have a chance”. About 6 months later, I hung the 1st place plaque on his office wall. Largely due to his guidance, I was able to win my rematch. Emil is now also the man I’m happily married to 8 years later and we continue to push each other to be our best, yet have patience for the pace individual to ourselves.

I finished that year of teaching and wanted to continue making a difference in peoples lives through health. I chose to attend graduate school and specialize in clinical nutrition and research. Definitely not a schedule that supports full time grappling…. so I transferred my athletic drive into triathlons, which happen to be a lot nicer on my neck and back than grappling as well as an outdoor sport I can enjoy for many years to come.


A couple key professors ignited my passion for chemistry, science, physiology, and pathology which then resulted in my licensure as a dietitian. In 2003, I started my career at a pediatric hospital and continue serving amazing kids and families to this day. Over the years, I’ve realized my specialty lies in the therapeutic behavior change relationship. In many a clinical setting, often with acute illness and emotionally challenging outcomes, I’ve been able to form an alliance with my patients and families to impart knowledge with empathy and help others see their capacity to move along their path to wellness.


Naturally, after being blessed with a family of my own, I became an even better health care provider, mentor and educator. So, here I am, circling back to an entrepreneurial mindset and ready to partner with you, offering real life tips to enhance your journey to live your best life!